How to realise your dream…

You have read or listened to similar messages on this subject, you know the bible verses that have inspired you to believe in it, you have read the promises and you are familiar with the patriarchs of the Bible who have lived it! But, the question still in your mind is: ‘Could I really be blessed?’; ‘Could this really works for me?’; ‘Can my dream really come true?’

At the UCKG HelpCentre, one can learn how to use their personal and intelligent faith through the Chains of Prayer and the Campaigns of faith.

I have conquered many of victories in my life through it and I have seen the same happen in other people’s lives.

However, I have also seen some people engaged in the same Campaign of the Holy Land yet nothing happened; they simply didn’t receive their blessing. So, what is the secret? What does one have to do to be blessed in the Campaign? Take a look through the site for the answer.

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