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Sacrifice was not exclusive to the people of Israel, or the UCKG. Sacrifice has always existed, since it is a demonstration of faith in the God in whom a person believes.

For example, the prophets of Baal made their sacrifice by cutting themselves, so that fire would come down from heaven. There are people who wish to achieve a purpose and, for this, they promise to walk many miles on their knees, thus demonstrating the faith they have in their god. Those who offer food and drink to the spirits are also making a sacrifice.

Sacrifice is a demonstration of faith; it’s through sacrifice that a person keeps communion with his God (the Bible says that when a person sacrifices, he’s associating himself with the one who is receiving the sacrifice – 1 Corinthians 10).

When a person sacrifices to God, he is connecting with God Himself. Sacrifice is an extraordinary effort to achieve greater things, which often requires a person to deny his own will and interests.

Everyone sacrifices in life. For example: many people follow rigorous diets to obtain a better figure; they work extra hours, including weekends, to get a better position; they spend many years at university so that, in the future, they can have financial stability; others save money instead of going on holiday, etc.

Our spiritual life is no different. A person who wants to be saved has to sacrifice his own will, he has to forgive, to fast, etc, for these are sacrifices that help us maintain our communion with God.

God Himself, when He wanted to rescue humankind, chose to sacrifice, giving His Only Son for all of us. When the Lord Jesus was speaking to Peter about His sacrifice, the apostle tried to dissuade Him, saying, “‘Far be it from You, Lord; this shall not happen to You!’ But He turned and said to Peter, ‘Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men’” (Matthew 16:22,23).

This is exactly what happens; evil does not want the person to sacrifice, for he knows that if he sacrifices God will reward him.

Sacrifice is but a challenge, where you say, “If I sacrifice to God, He will have to answer me. Now, if He does not answer me, I will know that the god to whom I sacrificed is not God.”

When you sacrifice, you are manifesting your faith, and it has to bring results.

If you understood and want to take part of the Campaign of Israel, then choose how you want to present your sacrifice


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