Case Studies
I wanted to be GREAT!
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Though I was already a businesswoman with my own salon, I wanted more. I was attending the UCKG HelpCentre and every day I heard how great God was and how He wanted His greatness to be seen in our lives. I had this vision to be great through new business ventures, but I didn’t have [...]

Left with no option
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My hair salon business had been based inside of my home for the past ten years. It was very successful and was all going so well. I had a constant flow of customers and my customers were recommending their friends too. For someone one who was once illegal in the country with no appropriate place [...]

Prodigal Son 2012
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“My life was completely upside down. I was a very heavy drinker, smoker and partygoer. I would spend excessive amounts of money on alcohol the whole night when I went clubbing, wake up the next morning, still intoxicated, and go to work! Completely unaware of anything that was happening, I would go to work reeking [...]

A daughter’s world is turned upside down
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All it took was one day, and Lilliana’s decent family went from bad to worse. “One early morning all I could hear was ‘Lili, help me! Lili please help me!’ I ran to see why my name was being called so desperately, and I was met with the sight of my mum in despair. She [...]

Sacrifice, an investment with GUARANTEED returns!
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It’s been said that business is based on advertising, that everyone is a brand. Good or bad, every single day we advertise ourselves;as a result, there is a tag that people associate our name with, but for Toyin no one knew about her brand, whether it was worthy or unworthy.It was unheard of. “Many timesI [...]

Off the wagon!
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Barely able to stand up, Lenna staggered her way through life. Rolling up ‘spliff’ after ‘spliff’ she drank every bottle until it was empty. Her life was one gigantic mess! “I went through each day in a blur, burping and slurring my words. I felt as if I were walking on uneven ground as I [...]

Islington Council grants double-award to partners of God
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In the business world, getting the right partner is just as important as getting the right product. What if you choose the wrong person? What if your partner becomes a thorn in your side? Or is someone who is so lazy and unprofitable that they become a loss instead of a profit to your company — [...]

My Campaign for true love
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“After undergoing a huge heartbreak, I was afraid that I would never find someone who would truly make me happy. I do recall once in a relationship, months before our planned wedding, I discovered that my boyfriend was homosexual. I couldn’t believe it! There were no signs and I couldn’t believe the deceit and betrayal. [...]

Addiction became my middle name
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“My life was on the brink of complete destruction! I was involved in a relationship with a man I would only argue with and my self-confidence was at an all-time low. We would argue about the pettiest things, which would result in us not speaking to each other for days. It was like living with a [...]

My nice little earner has made a clear difference!
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“Though I had a good salary, one that allowed my family and I to live comfortably, I wasn’t content. Inside me was an inkling to be my own boss. Sure I was a great employee, but I didn’t want to work for someone else anymore. I wanted the freedom to do what I wanted, when [...]

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