Bishop Celso Junior
That’s right, he can not take it from me

One of the greatest revelations that God has brought to His Church in these past few days is the importance of taking on a living, practical and bold faith. A kind of faith and belief that spares no effort or sacrifice to achieve the promises of God, especially the greatest of all the promises: the [...]

Wishing and inheriting vs wanting and conquering

The reason why we have seen many failed Christians is exactly for the fact that they WANT TO INHERIT eternal life. These are two mistakes that those who want to be sealed with the Holy Spirit and have eternal life can never make.

Second day of fasting for what is most important

So how was your first day of fasting? I hope God was able to start talking to you, because I’m sure more will come in the next few days.

First day of fasting for what is most important

Today we begin the 21 days of fasting for what is most important in our lives – to be sealed with the Holy Spirit. In the Old Testament God communicated with his servants through dreams, visions and revelations. And yet, many were those who ignored the directions given by God.

Do you feel that something is missing?..
13 December 2011Bishop Celso Junior, Messages 0

If only I hadn’t lost that last piece, this could have been the perfect picture today but, sadly, it’s the reality and a true reflection of many peoples’ lives.

Be sincere
8 December 2011Bishop Celso Junior, Messages 0

The 21-Day Fast in the faith of Daniel that we all took part in recently has truly revived the church all over the world. We have seen many people being baptised with the Holy Spirit – which is our main objective.

He is down, but not dead

Oh, what a day it was! I have been speaking to bishops and pastors from all over the world and also reading comments on our websites and blogs, and the common words we hear are “Oh, What a Day!”

I am happy. I’m really happy!

During the last 21 days, not only have I been renewed spiritually but I have also seen many pastors, assistants, and members being renewed spiritually. Besides, there are countless cases of people who have been baptised with the Holy Spirit not only here in UK, but all over the world.

Prepare your perfume. He’s coming!

The Lord Jesus Christ lived in this world for just over thirty-three years. He spent few years with His disciples, teaching, preaching and making miracles. Then, He died, rose from the dead, and was about to ascend to Heaven… and what did He choose to say to His disciples as His last words?

What is your faith’s expiry date?

Most people know where they stand when it comes to the obvious things. They know where they are career wise, they are well aware of their family situation but what about their spiritual life? Which stage are they at: deliverance, conversion, new birth or baptism in the Holy Spirit?